Let’s talk about Database Paradigms, Document Model

Some of the popular options are MongoDB and Firestore.

In this paradigm our model structures data in documents where each one of them holds key-value pairs of data (Quite the evolution from Key-Value and Wide-Column paradigms, right?).

They do contrast strongly with the traditional RDB because they store data in separate tables that are defined by the programmer.

But how are documents found?

Documents are found in the DB by a unique key that represents the document’s identity, it can be an ID, a string, a URI or a path.

Can I edit documents?

Yes, you can!

Document DB’s typically provide some mechanism for updating/editing the content of a document, by allowing replacement of the entire document or individual pieces.


The model is schema-less and has relational(ish) queries.


There are no joins.

But really, it is mainly used for games and IoT.



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